Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Mollie

My name is Mollie. Although I haven’t gone to P.S.58 for as long as many of my classmates have, I have tons of memories.

My first school was in Connecticut: the Bridgeport J.C.C. I went there for my Preschool years. After my parents and I moved to Brooklyn, I went to P.S.29 for Kindergarten and First Grade. When a bullying problem arose that the school’s staff
didn’t handle properly, we knew that I needed to switch schools, and so I came to P.S.58.

I would definitely say that I got most of my positive education at 58. Here there are teachers that challenge my classmates and I to do our best. We have learned many types of Reading, Writing, and Math. In Social Studies we have learned about the history of the U.S. as well as the history of places all around the globe. In Grammar we have learned all of the parts of speech and the proper ways to use them.

As for the Specialty Classes, our Music, Science, Art, Drama, and P.E. classes have definitely left a strong positive impact on all of us. In Music, for instance, we have been learning to play string instruments since Third Grade. We have all benefited from learning to read music, which can definitely help us with the things we may do as adults. Even some of us got to play in the VH1 Save The Music Gala. In P.E. we have learned how to correctly play all sorts of sports. We have also discussed the ways to keep our bodies healthy.

As for friends, we have all made tons of friends through the years. We have all learned the importance of friendship and the things you need to do to be a trustworthy friend. Our teachers have helped us branch out and befriend lots of different kids. I know that as I go on to middle school and the rest I will never forget P.S.58. P.S.58 is a part of us all that we will hold on to and cherish forever.

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