Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Anna

Hi, my name Is Anna B. This year I'm In 5-316. This year In 5th grade, I had great experiences. Even though their were so many events and occasions ,I will never forget them. Like the huge Thanks Giving Feast, and the Ever After play. All these events events taught me something new.

ThIs year I have also made many new friends. When I was In kindergarten , I never thought I would have so many friends. Once I said one little thing , I had a new friend. Even though some of them are going to different middle schools ,we still have phones and e-mails. Ever since I've meet these wonderful people, my classmates and teachers, they have treated me lIke a family member. I never feel left alone. When ever I'm In a bad mood , there's always someone to make me happy.

During the Ever After play, while I was back stage,everyone helped me calm down. I knew that when I would go to middle school, I would miss all my friends .Also when we had the ballroom dancing competition,my team worked as a team. We cheered each other on when we even made a mistake. Having ballroom dancing In our school, has Inspired me to dance. I dance everywhere.
Especially at home. Whenever we have ballroom dancing, I can always see similes on everyone's face.

The teachers these years have been so kind to me. They always care for me and they help me with my problems.They also push me to do my best.

Now today I look back at those moments when I couldn't read or write. But now I've grown and learned many new things. P.S. 58 has been my 2nd home for six years, and the love that I have for this school will stay In my heart forever.

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