Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Anna

Hi, my name Is Anna B. This year I'm In 5-316. This year In 5th grade, I had great experiences. Even though their were so many events and occasions ,I will never forget them. Like the huge Thanks Giving Feast, and the Ever After play. All these events events taught me something new.

ThIs year I have also made many new friends. When I was In kindergarten , I never thought I would have so many friends. Once I said one little thing , I had a new friend. Even though some of them are going to different middle schools ,we still have phones and e-mails. Ever since I've meet these wonderful people, my classmates and teachers, they have treated me lIke a family member. I never feel left alone. When ever I'm In a bad mood , there's always someone to make me happy.

During the Ever After play, while I was back stage,everyone helped me calm down. I knew that when I would go to middle school, I would miss all my friends .Also when we had the ballroom dancing competition,my team worked as a team. We cheered each other on when we even made a mistake. Having ballroom dancing In our school, has Inspired me to dance. I dance everywhere.
Especially at home. Whenever we have ballroom dancing, I can always see similes on everyone's face.

The teachers these years have been so kind to me. They always care for me and they help me with my problems.They also push me to do my best.

Now today I look back at those moments when I couldn't read or write. But now I've grown and learned many new things. P.S. 58 has been my 2nd home for six years, and the love that I have for this school will stay In my heart forever.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Blogger: Issy

We classmates love each other like a brother from another mother. We are supportive of each other. When in doubt, we always got each other's back. And when a new kid comes into the school, instantly they are our friends. Since we are going our different ways, we will all miss each other. As we part we'll never forget P.S. 58... all our memories. But we are not just friends or B.F.F.s; we are family. We all get treated equally and with respect. We will love and respect each other, but we will never forget each other.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: Steele

I hear on the news how in schools across the city, teachers are being cut and programs are being cut. I don’t really notice it at PS58 and won’t remember it that way because here we have had so many opportunities. And knowing that these things are being cut in schools all over the city I feel so grateful. I will remember 58 having these programs I grew up with. Many kids can’t say that. In the second grade I remember learning chess in our class room. In third and fourth grade I remember going into computer lab and learning about computers. We have ballroom dancing in the fourth and fifth grade. And now we have project lab, which most kids love, and we’re learning how to do all these neat skills that are not your everyday thing with learning. We’re doing animation, video. We have so many resources at ps 58.

And I’m not just trying to sell ps58 here, I’m telling you my experience and my classmates and friends experince, but the pros that we will remember.

And also I’ve always loved at PS58 when you sincerely love a subject, you can go beyond it in extended day lunch clubs, or afterschool.

I came here from a totally different environment, a different preschool in Manhattan, and when I came here I was scared at first. There were so many people. But this place became my home. I remember learning to read in Kindergarten. We had our ABCD book levels – I remember loving books in Kindergarten.

I remember 1st grade – walking in and seeing the book levels going all the way up to M and I was really excited because I was really ready to learn to read. PS58 encourages that so much. One of my greatest gifts from 58 was the memories of learning to read.

I love PS58, I’ll always remember how we get to hang out with so many kids all the time and socialize in recess, lunch, early morning, lunch club. Everyone in your grade is all these familiar faces. Many of them I’ve known since I’m this tall (gesture to my knee) and these memories will stay with me into middle school. I’m friends with so many different kids.58 has really encouraged diversity – I can hang out with kids who are excited about doing their homework and love school and others who struggle. It’s not like the classic school conflicts – like jocks and bullies throwing nerds in trash bin, there were no real bullies in my memory.

But as much as I love 58, we have to move on. Some kids maybe can’t to leave for middle, others might be going hysterical and others might not think either way, but 58 has made an impact on all of us that we will bring to middle school and beyond.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Blogger: Ewan

Good morning ladies and gentleman. My years at P.S. 58 have been amazing. The people here are wonderful and the memories I share with them are truly outstanding. The teachers here help you. You can connect with them. They become your friend as well as your teacher. This helps me want to learn. When I get up in the morning I am excited to go to school. I don't just think about it as another day of work. And also, when teachers want you to learn and like teaching, they do a better job at it. The teachers here are passionate about what they do, and they do it well.

There is so many extra things that go on at P.S. 58. For a child to learn well, they have to be happy and have fun. Music, for instance, is amazing. We play concerts around the neighborhood. A few months ago we had this VH1 event. I was privileged to take part in such a wonderful experience. There was celebrity's there and an extremely large audience. And that was all through P.S.58! Now that's amazing! There is a lot of extra things that go on, here, at P.S.58.

I've also had a lot of friends at P.S.58. All the teachers support this, they help you make friends and they help you solve conflicts you have with your friends sometimes. The children here are amazing due to the support of the teachers.

I have had an amazing time here. When we enter middle school, they are going to be privileged to have kids from this school in their building. Thanks, and have a wonderful time for the rest of this graduation ceremony.

Club Getaway!!!!!!!!!!

Some pictures I took of our amazing trip!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Mollie

My name is Mollie. Although I haven’t gone to P.S.58 for as long as many of my classmates have, I have tons of memories.

My first school was in Connecticut: the Bridgeport J.C.C. I went there for my Preschool years. After my parents and I moved to Brooklyn, I went to P.S.29 for Kindergarten and First Grade. When a bullying problem arose that the school’s staff
didn’t handle properly, we knew that I needed to switch schools, and so I came to P.S.58.

I would definitely say that I got most of my positive education at 58. Here there are teachers that challenge my classmates and I to do our best. We have learned many types of Reading, Writing, and Math. In Social Studies we have learned about the history of the U.S. as well as the history of places all around the globe. In Grammar we have learned all of the parts of speech and the proper ways to use them.

As for the Specialty Classes, our Music, Science, Art, Drama, and P.E. classes have definitely left a strong positive impact on all of us. In Music, for instance, we have been learning to play string instruments since Third Grade. We have all benefited from learning to read music, which can definitely help us with the things we may do as adults. Even some of us got to play in the VH1 Save The Music Gala. In P.E. we have learned how to correctly play all sorts of sports. We have also discussed the ways to keep our bodies healthy.

As for friends, we have all made tons of friends through the years. We have all learned the importance of friendship and the things you need to do to be a trustworthy friend. Our teachers have helped us branch out and befriend lots of different kids. I know that as I go on to middle school and the rest I will never forget P.S.58. P.S.58 is a part of us all that we will hold on to and cherish forever.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Sandi!

We captured some of the fun of Sandi's birthday celebration with our new flip camera! Check it out!

What? Oh, nothing. The First Lady is just sending Danea letters.

Danea received an amazing piece of mail from our First Lady Michelle Obama. This special package was in response to Danea's letter during our last Social Action Cycle!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jon Scieszka Visits P.S. 58!

Jon Scieszka stopped by and gave us the scoop on his interactive science fiction series, Spaceheadz. Along with his amazingly funny story of slogan-spouting alien invaders is a whole slew of Spaceheadz-related web-based fun! The site is managed by his daughter and her partner and allows video and picture submission. Sign up to be a Spaceheadz today and let us know what your name is. Mine's Ultrasoft Tartar Sauce. Sounds yummy! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Congratulations to our Staffle Raffle Winners

As winners of the recent Staffle Raffle, Justina and Ethan M. joined us for a delicious Thai lunch at Nine D. We had a lovely time!